Our Process

Getting a custom paper written is a breeze!

Placing an order from Flash essay writers cannot be easier. All you need to do is follow 4 very easy steps.

The first thing you have to do is go to the order page. Here you will be required to provide us with contact information so we may be able to contact you about your order.

You will also provide us with the assignment instructions. It is worth noting here that you need to give us complete instructions that will enable the writer to write the paper just as you want it. You are also encouraged to provide relevant reading materials wherever possible. After the order has been submitted, you may upload files to the order.

Once the payment is confirmed, a writer qualified in your subject is assigned the work immediately and they start on the research. They then write the paper from scratch.

When the paper is completed, it is sent to you via our system from where you will download it. A notification to this effect is sent to the email you provided.

NOTE: Kindly note that writers are bound to work with the instructions provided by the client. It is imperative that your instructions be as precise as possible. Vague or ambiguous instructions may lead to unsatisfactory paper and may also cause delays as the writer seeks clarification.