When you have done a few experiments in the laboratory, your instructor will ask for a lab report from you. You must know how to write one so that you can come up with a comprehensive report on the events. After you have all the data needed, you can start writing your lab report in the following format;

  • Title page – in the title page, you can include the following;
  • The title of the experiment in question
  • The names of the authors; that could be you alone, or if you did it as a group, include the names of the other members.
  • The names of the instructor
  • The dates of when the experiment was submitted.
  • Title – the title of your experiment briefly talks about what you are experimenting
  • Introduction – briefly explain what your experiment is, and the purpose for conducting it.
  • Materials – in this section you talk about the resources that you used to conduct your experiments
  • Methodology – explain the different methods that you used to obtain your data. Do not forget to arrange them chronologically so that the reader can easily follow and understand the processes.
  • Data obtained – show the readers the data you obtained from your experiment. You can use tables to group the data if they vary.
  • Results – this will be the full description of the data obtained. Do it in full detail, and do not leave out anything important.
  • Data analysis – you can make calculations from the data, in order to interpret it
  • Charts and graphs – your data interpretation can also be shown using charts such as pie charts. Graphs are also very effective, so you can use them, but make sure you have the right variables on the x and y axes so that your gradient is correct.
  • Conclusion – this is like a summary of the whole report. Make it short and to the point.
  • You can also cite references if you used any when writing your lab report.